Trans News

Out of The Shadows, Into The Light, May 10th 2024

Spirit Level has been awarded £17,000 by Awards For All for an 18 month project to reach out to, engage with and help older trans people, those who are marginalised, trans people of colour and so on. It has a serious side, will focus on personal development and capacity building and we’ll need the help of the community to deliver it. Interested in getting involved? If you are, email Kate Sanders, Chair of Spirit Level, [email protected]

Improving Healthcare For Trans People In Hospitals, May 10th 2024

Spirit Level is working with Healthwatch Liverpool to engage with The Women’s Hospital and The Royal to understand what trans patients can expect, increase understanding of the trans condition and our rights as patients and improve treatment and health outcomes. We’re taking part in roundtables at the hospitals on 29th May and 27th June. The hospitals are keen to hear from people with recent experience of being in hospital (as an inpatient or out-patient) so if you have something to say, please get in touch. There’s a £15 gift voucher in it as well. Email Kate Sanders, Chair of Spirit Level, [email protected]

Trans Town Hall, May 4th 2024

Spirit Level organised its first Trans Town Hall in Lovelock’s on May 4th. There were about 30 of us present, discussing topics such as Hate Crime, Resistance, Trans Healthcare and TDoV 2025. Everyone had a good time and agreed there should be more to follow. The suggestion is for one in September, focussing on Neighbourhood & Community Policing, Driving Down Hate Crime, Increasing Prosecutions For Hate Crime and Hate Speech and Trans People and The Justice System. So watch this space for details